Do and Don’t at the Poker Table

There are certain things that you should and Should’t do at the Poker Table.  This is a short list.  There are many more than this and I hope this list brings some comments and thoughts from my readers.  Below are my top 8 things to do and not do at the table while playing Holdem

1.  DO- Believe in, have and know that others have personal space.

on average a persons personal space is three feet.  At a 9 handed table of holdem it is impossible to be three feet away from everyone, at best you are lucky to be one foot from the players that sit to your left and right depending on your position at the table.  Taking that into account, take a shower people.  There is nothing worse than waiting for your seat, being called to your table and being sat next to someone that didn’t go home after a long workday in the sun and smells of work and sweat.  Have some self respect and some respect for the others at the table that have to sit next to you.

2. Don’t win and leave the dealer dry

Not tipping out the dealer after winning a nice pot is just wrong.  I won’t rant too much about this but in my opinion (and this is my blog) it’s just not right.  Dealers are like bartenders and they sometimes depend on the tips from big hands to put food on the table or buy diapers, you get where I am going with this.  I’ve seen people rake over $1000 from a pot and not even think about the dealer.  I pull a $1000 dollar pot the dealer gets $10.

3. Don’t bring a friend or relative to the poker house that doesn’t have a bank roll.

I bring this up because this happened to me.  I was at a small poker house in Jacksonville Florida, so this wasn’t your typical casino poker room where this wouldn’t be allowed.  

I was in seat 8 and an older lady sat in seat 9.  Not long after she sat and bought in a young man came and sat behind her.  Seemed strange but I was concentrating on the game so I didn’t say anything.  After four or five hands I heard them chatting and from what I could gather he was her son, he had bought into the tournament that day and had busted out.  He was out of cash at this point and kept asking her if he could go and take $20 out of the ATM.  First, most places wouldn’t allow this and second it is very distracting to everyone, not to mention the dealer had to keep reminding the Mom to post her blinds and that she was up.  Second, what the hell are you going to do with $20?  A chip and a chair I guess.

4. Don’t hold gossip sessions at the poker table with a friend.

Again this is my opinion and what I find annoying at the table.  

This time it was a dealer and a player.  A cash No limit Holdem game at Hard Rock Seminole in FT. Lauderdale.  As I was sitting in seat 2 seat 1 busted out and left the table, Dealer calls seat open and a gentleman was shown to the seat.  Well apparently he and the dealer were friends and neighbors because I and 7 others found out about all the dirt going down in the neighborhood.  Just don’t people.  No one at the table cares and it’s distracting.  If you want to gossip and play poker do it in a buddies garage. 

I can say I was quite impressed that the dealer could hold that type of conversation and not miss a beat while dealing.  Still not cool.

5. Do be polite to everyone at the table

There are a few things to say about this one.  Say hi when you sit down but don’t be a chatty Kathy (sorry Kathys).  I am there for one reason, to play poker.  I am not at the poker table to make friends.  I want your money and not your life story.  Keep it to yourself.  If you ask me about my life/family/job and I don’t know you I likely will lie to your or not answer.  I only want your chip stack and let’s be honest, you are a poker player so I can’t trust you.

6. Don’t evaluate how someone played a hand out loud.

Once I was sitting at a table and had a nice hand.  I knew it was out of range for the gentleman sitting next to me so I raised.  He called, The flop gave me a set of Kings so I knew I had nuts.  He bets half pot, I raised and he called.  The turn dropped a rainbow with no help for anyone.  He checked to me and I bet pot.  He folded and as I was raking the pot proceeded to tell me how I could have played the hand better.  Come on, you just lost the hand to me and you are going to now teach me poker.  Just don’t do it people.  

7. Don’t show your cards if you don’t have to.

So this one is debatable and I will let you be the judge.  

Basically what it boils down to is if you know what you have or not.  Do you know that you have won or lost?  If you don’t know this tidbit of information I encourage you to learn quickly, you can visit poker hands on our blog to learn more.  

If you do know what you have and that you have lost the hand don’t show what you had because you are giving up information about how you bet in a particular range.  If you muck your cards you can do what poker players do best at the table and tell everyone it was AA.  Most of the time it’s best to muck.

8. Don’t get sloppy drunk at the Poker Table, or Do.

So I say Don’t because it’s annoying to have to wait for the dealer to prompt you to post blinds and say check or bet over and over because you are drunk and not really paying attention to the game.  I say do because I am here for your chip stack and it’s much easier for me to get it when you are smashed.  Go ahead and call my raise with a 7 2 offsuit will ya.  I am happy to take your money.

If you are new to poker and want to know more I implore you to read the books below, this is how I got started and I am thankful for the advice I took from them.

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