Our Approach

We intend to help you find live poker near you.

This website is designed for poker players by a poker player.  It is our intent to make sure every poker house and card room dealing Texas Holdem or Omaha can be found via this site.  We started out with the United states and you can probably see that we have a pretty extensive list. Coming soon we will move on to the UK and start listing all cardrooms there.  The goal is to have every cardroom and poker house in the world accessible to you simply by visiting findholdem.com.  We want you to be able to find live poker games anywhere and everywhere.

 Our Story

I travel the world a lot and while traveling I am always looking for a game of Texas Holdem.  Some places I manage to find live poker cardrooms and poker houses other times not so much.  There are other sites out there that have a similar theme but I have yet to find one that has enough information for me to find a poker house or a home game in any state or country so I decided to build my own.  Looking for something and can’t find it?  Let me know, contact.


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